Benefits of Fulvic and Carbon Supplements

fulvic acid benefits of supplments

Given the functionality of the humic and fulvic complex, it is not surprising that there are many fulvic acid benefits for the human body.

1. Firstly, fulvic improves endurance due to its ability to saturate cells with microelements, electrolytes, and other essential nutrients. Studies provide evidence that humic and fulvic activate biological processes in the body, helping cells cope with damage from stress, unbalanced nutrition, prolonged sleep loss, and oxidative damage.

2. Since fulvic exhibits adaptogenic and strong anabolic properties, it promotes muscle adaptation and the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries. It is a rare source of compounds with a low and medium molecular weight that shows several positive biological inhibitory properties, improves physical performance, and relieves fatigue.

3. In terms of nutrient absorption, fulvic helps to get the right amount of electrolytes and other trace minerals that are difficult to obtain even from a balanced diet. Thus, it improves the body’s ability to use nutrients to improve digestive health and metabolic functions.

4. Studies also confirm that fulvic can help improve testosterone levels. In particular, various studies demonstrate that it increases total sperm count, sperm quality, and serum testosterone levels, as well as increases free testosterone levels and DHEA levels.

5. As for carbon supplements, they provide building blocks for cells, kills parasites, and also binds heavy metals, environmental toxins, and mycotoxins and removes them from the body. When combined with water, carbon makes up about 96% of the molecules in the body.