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Ancient Ultimates is a Humic and Fulvic Acid complex that deliver 70+ Trace Minerals to your body. Daily consumption will help with stimulating the immune system, nutrient absorption, hormone balance, and detoxification.  One of the best benefits of Ancient Ultimates is its ability to lower free radical damage. Ancient Ultimates bind to positive and negative charged ions making it the most powerful free radical scavenger and natural antioxidant.  It also helps with permeability and extending the life of cells by providing electrolytes that have many functions within the heart, muscles, brain, and digestive tract.

Ancient Ultimates is 120 capsule count for $39 shipping included.

3 reviews for Ancient Ultimates

  1. Brandy

    I take my Ancient Ultimates every morning and every night with the Ful-Renu. I can tell a big difference in bloating/legs swelling (they don’t swell as much now!). We also fought the flu at my house for 2-3 weeks and somehow I only got a touch of it that lasted a few hours. I have to believe these had a huge impact on that!

  2. Christopher Lehe (verified owner)

    My wife and I first bought Ful-Renu after becoming desperate to find something to help our son’s eczema. His eczema was not minor! It covered over half his back and would get so bad he would bleed. Even prescriptions were not helping to clear his skin up. Ful-Renu was like a miracle. After applying it one time, we saw drastic improvement the next day and he was completely cleared up in a week. So we decided to try all of Ancient Ultimates products. I didn’t have any specific reason you take this product, so it sat on our counter for months. Just week ago, for no reason, I decided I would start trying the capsules for the heck of it. And I am glad I did!!! I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for years now. After only a week my pain is all but gone! I’m a farmer and there our days in the shop where we I will be standing on concrete for 8+ hours. And I will admit that after those long days on the concrete there might still be a little lingering pain. But contrast that with excruciating pain after just an hour on the concrete before I took this product! Also, my joint pain is gone! I noticed this after kneeling for a few minutes getting our toddler ready in the morning. Before taking this product, I would have to get up slow because my knees would be so sore after kneeling. And I would have to walk around to loosen my knees up for the pain to go away. After a few days with this product, I noticed I hopped right up and my knees felt great! I am not doctor. But I do know that both my joint pain and plantar fasciitis were caused by inflammation. So my only guess is that this product has helped reduce my inflammation. But regardless, I don’t care the reasons! Because it works!

    P.S. I am also getting right up out of my bed at my first alarm instead of hitting the snooze button for 2 hours! I don’t have anything but this product that I can contribute that to!

  3. Audrey Rogers

    I was introduced to Ful-Renu from Kenny when I met him by the river this past summer. He used it on me few times and it works almost instantly on abrasions! My diseases cause me to fall a lot or bang into things and cut my myself. This stuff is awesome! It stops the bleeding and heals wounds fast! Especially if you spray it or rub it on the wound a few times a days. I only spray when the cut is bleeding and fairly new. Even heals the old red marks from past wounds. I am now buying some for Christmas gifts! Everyone wants to try it and those I’ve used it on love it!

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