K. Ferrari, Bloomington, IN

When I was younger, I always had good skin. However, the stress of college made my skin breakout in ways that I had never seen before. I had tried everything to combat the breakouts and spent so much money on different skincare sets. I’ve tried the top brands such as Proactive, Glossier, and Dermalogica. Nothing ever lasted with my skin. I also tried going the all-natural route using products such as witch hazel. Still, I did not see much improvement. I also have very sensitive skin, and even products for sensitive skin were too harsh.  Ful Renu is the only product I have seen bring out the best of my skin. It is now my go-to product, and one of the only ones I use! Ful Renu has cleared my skin IMMENSLY, and I rarely ever have breakouts now! It has also softened my skin without any harsh reaction. Ful Renu has worked for the long haul. It has made me more confident in my skin, and finally, I can say I found my skincare routine!